Nerve I

Contents of Nerve Impulse Part I

  • bullet Origen of Electrical Potentials
  • bullet Diphasic Action Potentials
  • bullet Dissection of the Frog Sciatic Nerve

Details of Nerve Impulse Part I

This video program deals with extracellular recording of the compound action potential in the frog sciatic nerve preparation. Part I of the tape provides background information for an understanding of the experimental information provided in Part ll.

Part one of this video program begins with a consideration of the general structure of a nerve cell. The tape then introduces the terms polarization, depolarization and repolarization and discusses the origin of the resting membrane potential and action potential. This is followed by a discussion of the recording of the diphasic compound action potential from the bullfrog sciatic nerve.

Part one concludes with a demonstration of the dissection and excision of the sciatic nerve from the bullfrog.

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