Nerve II

Contents of Nerve Impulse Part IIbulletEquipmentbulletThresholdbulletConduction VelocitybulletRefractory PeriodbulletSummation of Subthreshold StimulibulletDirectionalitybulletMonophasic Action Potentials
Details of Nerve Impulse, Part IIP
art two of this program presents the equipment to be used in recording the compound action potential. The equipment includes a Tektronix model 5113 dual beam, dual trace storage oscilloscope, a Grass model S-44 stimulator with a Sl-5 isolation unit and a nerve chamber. The tape continues with a demonstration of threshold and maximal response. The conduction velocity in the frog sciatic nerve is examined followed by a demonstration of the refractory period and directionality.The next sequence in this tape deals with the summation of subthreshold stimuli. A discussion of the strength duration curve concludes this section of the tape.The program concludes with a demonstration of monophasic potentials from the frog sciatic nerve, resulting from crushing the nerve between the recording electrodes.This tape includes a single channel of data readout of each of the aforementioned parameters (excepting conduction velocity). The data has been recorded as a digital signal and rerecorded as an analog signal which can be displayed on an oscillographic recorder.