Agarose LE (Molecular Biology Grade)

Agarose LE (Molecular Biology Grade)

Agarose LE (Low Electroendosmosis) is molecular biology grade and is specifically designed for superior nucleic acid separation, with sharp, maximum band resolution, and is also ideal for cloning and cloning-related experiments.

GoldBio Agarose LE is refined in an advanced process that excludes the use of organic solvents. The result is a cleaner end product with significantly reduced environmental impact. Agarose can be used for nucleic acid analysis from 50 bp to 25 kbp, protein electrophoresis, and various transfer protocols.

The low EEO of agarose promotes higher electrophoretic mobility, producing improved resolution and shorter run times. This also allows macromolecules and larger particles (subcellular fragments, viruses, etc.) to migrate more freely through the gel matrix. The consistently low EEO reduces web distortion (caused by back flow) that can result from the presence of excessive sulfate-rich negative ions.

Agarose is a natural product that forms an inert matrix that is used in electrophoresis, chromatography and other techniques of molecular biology and biochemistry. Likewise, it is neutral and easily derivatizable, making it easy to bind proteins such as enzymes, antigens or antibodies to its structure. The absence of toxicity makes working with agarose very convenient.

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