Biocidal ZF

Biocidal ZF

Name: ZF Biocide


Special laminar disinfectant spray for incubators and flow hoods. It protects your cell cultures against encapsulated bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses.


  • Biocidal ZF is effective against incubated bacteria, spores and viruses.
  • Its active principles are not volatile. It does not invade cultures through the air, so cell cultures are protected against contamination and disinfectant active agents.
  • Protect your crops against micro-bacterial contamination.
  • The active ingredients of Biocidal ZF are quaternary ammonium compounds, which destroy the virus membrane and thus inactivate enveloped viruses.
  • Biocidal ZF is intended to be applied by spraying onto surfaces. A protective layer is formed on the surfaces that are active against bacteria, fungi, and enveloped viruses and prevents the formation of spores for about 4 weeks.
  • On work tables or surfaces with a lot of work impact, Biocidal ZF should be applied more frequently (after the work shift). In hatcheries, the spray can be applied every 4 weeks only.


Ready-to-use solution. Surfaces are cleaned and sprayed with Biocidal ZF™. Let dry.
Incubators must be disinfected every 4 weeks. Biocidal ZF™ can also be used to disinfect the exterior surfaces of cell culture flasks.


  • Harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects.
  • Store at room temperature.

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